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Marras Family Buys First Home

December 1, 2020

For anyone who has ever been told “You won’t make it anywhere in life”, let our story be an encouragement to you. I lost my mom back in 2013 and my dad left when I was young. I was 23 at the time and had no idea what my life was going to look like. I became the legal guardian of my siblings because I knew what it was like to grow up in foster care and to be homeless. I did not want my kids to ever go through anything like that.

No one would rent to me because I was told I had too many kids or they wouldn’t accept HUD. In return we lost HUD and any government help. I went through many jobs because some weren’t accepting when I had to leave for my kids. We were living on a single income that just wasn’t cutting it. I made lots of mistakes and almost gave up. Not only on myself but on my siblings. I was their only hope, so I knew I had to do something.

Fast forward to 2017, I met my beautiful wife, who brought me closer to God. My life changed for the better and blessings kept pouring in. She adopted my siblings as her own and has helped me raise them since, to a life I could never give them on my own. I will admit it was rough in the beginning. We had the same problems finding a home. We were always worried that any given day a landlord could kick us out. We got an apartment together that would only allow two adults and three kids, so we had to hide the fourth child. So shame!

After eight months having to hide one kid, we were blessed with an actual house that gave us the room we needed. It was hard at first because we had to come up with a big portion of rent. We lived off the bare minimum, not much to eat, and surviving from paycheck to paycheck. Sacrifices were made raising four kids at such a young age, but hope was never lost. We stood strong on our faith and never gave up.

One day God answered a prayer, and we were blessed to buy our first house in April 2020! Maui County FCU played a big role in helping us achieve the dream of being homeowners at such a young age. I was 29 at the time and my wife was 25! We weren’t treated any different because of our age. The mortgage team was extremely patient, supportive, and helpful. Because we were so young, we didn’t have much knowledge about being homeowners. With the knowledge that Maui County FCU provided we felt encouraged and confident. To this day, seven months later they support us and make sure all our ducks are still in a row.

Let our story not only encourage you to the things you think you can’t do but to inspire all to never give up. Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may be falling into place!

• Ronden Marras