Who We Are

We have deep roots in the Maui County community. We're run by your friends and neighbors for the benefit of people just like you.

We're not the new kids on the block. Far from it.

We're all about making life better for our members

Maui County Federal Credit Union was founded in 1937 to serve the needs of county, state and federal government employees and their families. Our mission is caring for our members' needs by providing services that encourage financial well-being.

That means more personalized service, better community outreach, lower fees, and more consumer-friendly loan and savings rates.

So you're not a government worker? No worries. This is where this gets good. In 2016, Maui County FCU revised its field of membership to a community charter. That's a fancy way of saying that we opened our doors - and services - to a lot more people.

These days, anyone who lives, learns, works, or worships within the County of Maui is eligible to join. And lots of people, families and businesses have taken us up on that invitation.

We serve nearly 20,000 members and have over $400 million in assets. But the good news is that when you're in need of financial services and assistance, our focus will be solely on you.

Philosophy and Structure

We live by the concept of ohana. We're all connected, all part of our Maui community.

Those ideas guide the operations of Maui County FCU. We're not a faceless institution owned by some far-off investors. We're a not-for-profit company with deep roots in the community, run by members of the community.

How exactly does that work? To serve on our Board of Directors, you have to be a credit union member. And that Board is chosen by all our members. No matter how much - or little - you have in your accounts, each member gets a vote and each vote is counted equally.

Board members serve on a volunteer basis. And their job is to look out for your interests. Because there are no outside stockholders, and profits that we make are invested back into the community and Maui County FCU so that we can can better serve you.

Instead, after operating costs are covered and some cash reserves are set aside, earnings are returned to members as higher dividends on savings, lower loan rates and lower cost services.

Safety and Soundness

When you trust any institution with your money, you want to be sure that it's on solid financial footing. And that you're protected no matter what happens. With Maui County FCU, you can rest easy.

Because our credit union has a federal charter, we fall under the watchful eye of the National Credit Union Administration, an independent federal agency. Any potential losses would be covered by the NCUA's National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which was created by Congress in 1970.

As for solid finances, there are any number of ways to illustrate where we stand. One widely accepted measure is called "capital ratio." Put simply, that number is computed by comparing our total capital to our risk-weighted assets - that is to say, outstanding consumer and business loans.

For credit unions, the average capital ratio is 11.31%. At Maui County FCU, we're way above that.

Honestly, we don't expect you to memorize that number or to care all that much about which agency oversees us. What we'd like is for you to walk through our doors, enjoy our friendly service, take advantage of our attractive rates - and enjoy the feeling of ohana.

We have deep roots in the Maui County community. We're run by your friends and neighbors for the benefit of people just like you.