Three Year Old Josiah, Kids Club Super Saver

It's wonderful that Maui County Federal Credit Union (MCFCU) established a program that encourages youth to save their money.  Our son, Josiah, who is now three, often goes to the credit union with us, to make deposits. It wasn't until he was around two and a half, when we realized MCFCU has an incentive program encouraging youth to save.As we enter the credit union, Josiah's eyes immediately focus on the toys he can purchase with his tokens once he has saved enough. He looks forward to receiving five tokens on each trip. He loves to save his birthday money, as well as any other money he receives from his family. His grandpa gives him one dollar every time he sees him, encouraging him to save. 

Josiah isn't one who goes to the store and asks for toys. Instead, he looks forward to depositing his money, receiving tokens, saving them, and redeeming them once he has enough to purchase a toy his heart is set on.  He absolutely loved assembling the STEM dinosaur kit, for he loves working with tools, especially his daddy's real tools.We are so glad to see his interest in saving his money and appreciate MCFCU establishing this beneficial incentive program that teaches youth to save. He is already looking forward to purchasing his next toy.

- Ranette Bautista, Member