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What does it take to achieve financial well-being? A lot of in-depth knowledge. Where can you find free online educational resources to fine-tune your plans? Right here.

Invest in raising your financial IQ

As part of our mission to care for our members’ needs by providing services that encourage financial well-being, we are proud to partner with Enrich to bring you a wealth of financial education resources. Our goal is to is to equip you with knowledge, tools, and resources tailored to your financial journey and goals.

Reaching your financial goals starts with personal understanding. What would you like to accomplish? How does your relationship with money affect your decisions? Everyone has a unique view, style, and relationship with money. By answering a few quick questions, you’ll find out your money personality and will receive resources that have been customized just for you.

It’s easy to get started by learning how Enrich can help you achieve your financial goals.


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The way you approach and how your feel about money can affect your plan's overall success. We'll help you see how.

What is Enrich?

Ever have questions about financial topics but don’t know where to go or who to trust? Maui County FCU has partnered with Enrich, an award-winning, financial education platform to offer our members, employees, and our community FREE personal financial wellness resources.

Enrich offers a wealth of information about budgeting, paying down debt, saving for emergencies, retirement and more! Watch videos, read articles, explore tools, take courses and even download worksheets. Take charge of your finances and begin your financial wellness journey today!