At Maui County FCU, we do more than handle money. Our mission is to change lives for the better. How does that happen? Some of our satisfied members have been kind enough to share their stories.

'Maui County FCU helped us achieve the dream'

We were blessed to buy our first house in April 2020! Maui County FCU played a big role in helping us achieve the dream of being homeowners at such a young age. The mortgage team was extremely patient, supportive, and helpful. Because we were so young, we didn’t have much knowledge about being homeowners. With the knowledge that Maui County FCU provided we felt encouraged and confident.

- Ronden Marras

'He was reassuring and encouraged me'

I have always been intimidated by the idea of a credit card or loan - and oblivious on how to establish credit. As a result, I am what folks call a "credit ghost." So recently, I stepped out of my comfort zone and called the Maui County Federal Credit Union. My uneasiness turned into excitement thinking that I could have a form of credit!

- Cecile Powell
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‘Maui County Federal Credit Union was there to help ease those uncertainties.'

While going through a divorce I found myself hiring an attorney, catching up with credit card bills that carried a high interest, finishing home projects that were left behind, and purchasing a vehicle for my son to drive because I chose to return to shift work to increase my income as a single household. My son eventually chose a four-year college to attend, and I took the responsibility to pay for his tuition for him to be a full-time student. Subsequently I kept my home, refinanced, and paid out what was owed.

- Kehau Medeiros

‘Finding a light in a dark tunnel’

Becoming a member at the Maui County Federal Credit Union back in 2013 was like finding a light in a dark tunnel. I almost suffered from a PTSD associated from financial institutions. I banked with some of the more popular ones, that never came to my aid when I needed them the most.

- Zeke Kalua
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'They've helped me with so many milestones'

Maui County FCU has been there to help me with so many of my life’s milestones. They were there when I needed my first auto loan, and then with my first home loan. The employees at Maui County FCU always go above and beyond every time I come in person or over the phone.

- Michael Yanagi

'They truly live the spirit of people helping people.'

I had a family member who is very close to my heart in dire need of financial assistance. Helping my family is very important to me, but I didn’t want to dip into my savings, especially during these uncertain times… Leila worked at “lightning speed” and unbelievably was able to turn around my HELOC in just two weeks. Not only was Maui County FCU able to provide me with a loan quickly when other banks were not, but I also got a great interest rate.

- Gloria So