Members Matter Story: Cecile Powell

New member, Cecile Powell, shares her recent experience, “La'akea is a loan specialist at the Maui County Federal Credit Union. He was a tremendous help, and I am very thankful. I have always been intimidated by the idea of a credit card or loan; and oblivious on how to establish credit. As a result, I am what folks call a "credit ghost". My second son is due in April and I need to start planning now to ensure a secure future for my family. I know big part of that is establishing good credit. So recently, I stepped out of my comfort zone and called the Maui County Federal Credit Union to "put feelers out" and La'akea answered the line. I felt silly initially, trying to explain my lack of knowledge; but La'akea's was nice to me and went over options in a way that was easy to understand. He was reassuring and encouraged me to go ahead and apply.

My uneasiness turned into excitement thinking that I could have a form of credit! He walked me through the whole process, and I was approved for my very first credit card within 24 hours. He went beyond that, and explained how other credit card companies worked, and offered advice in the future should I need it. I even went a step further and got a personal loan for new baby furniture, which was deposited into my account the next day. Since then, I am empowered and really feel like my future goal of owning my own home one day can really happen. I just wanted to let other folks know that Maui County Federal Credit Union is wonderful. La'akea has been such a blessing to me and mine. Thank you, Maui County Federal Credit Union!