Online Banking

Tap into your accounts from anywhere. And finish up fast. Our cutting-edge Online Banking tools make money management as easy-does-it as a walk on the beach.

It's easy to fit us into your busy day. Or night.

Check your balances before dawn. Pay the bills after dark. At Maui County FCU, our digital banking services are open 24/7. So you're free to take care of business whenever you find a few minutes in your busy day.

  • Get up-to-the-minute account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Review recent transactions
  • Access and print out cancelled checks
  • Pay bills electronically in a matter of minutes
  • Make timely loan payments
  • Set up email alerts that notify you about low balances or other important account activity

Cut down the clutter. Save a tree or two. With e-Statements, your monthly account statements are delivered electronically. It's a lot easier to find important financial information on your computer than it is to dig through big piles of paper.

  • Receive an email when your monthly eStatement is ready
  • Access your eStatement through your secure Online Banking page
  • Get access to eStatements several days ahead of when a paper statement would arrive.
  • Avoid the risk of mailed paper statements being lost or stolen.
  • Easily find a specific transaction or build a better budget by analyzing spending or savings trends
  • Access previous eStatements

Your credit score is a pretty important number. It can determine whether you can get a loan, qualify for a credit card, be approved for a lease or even be hired for certain jobs. At Maui County FCU, we make it easy to keep up with where you stand.

  • Sign up for Credit Sense through Online Banking
  • Check your credit score anytime from Online Banking or our mobile app
  • See what recent developments may be affecting your score
  • Get personalized tips for improving or maintaining your score