Our Safety & Soundness

You’ve likely heard about the recent collapse of two large mainland banks, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. In light of this news, we want to assure you that your deposits are safe with Maui County Federal Credit Union.

15 Month Share Certificate at 4.25% APY*

Share Certificate Specials

You work hard to put yourself in the best financial position. Your savings strategy should do the same. Take advantage of the great rates on our 12, 15, and 36 month Share Certificate specials to lock in our highest competitive interest rates before they're gone.

Help keep your financial future looking bright.

Check-up on your credit score

Get instant access to your credit score, credit report, credit monitoring, personalized money-saving offers, and tips on how to improve your score or maintain an already great score. Get Credit Sense for free through online or mobile banking.

Get a great rate on your next vehicle!

Rates as low as 3.40% APR*

Drive away with an awesome deal on your new car, truck, van or SUV with financing and terms that meet your needs. Financing for new (up to four years old) and used vehicles. Repayment terms up to 72 months for new vehicles and 60 months for other models.

Start the Year Off Right

Achieving Financial Freedom

The new year is a perfect time to reflect on your spending and money habits. Just a few small tweaks can make the difference between an early retirement, your ability to switch careers, travel the world, or otherwise achieve the financial freedom you desire. 

Current Rates

Share Certificates


Personal Loans

as low as

Auto Loans

as low as

Who We Are

Serving our local Maui County members since 1937. Our history and Ohana principle are what makes our credit union unique.

Financial Education

Grow your financial knowledge when and where it works best for you. Access free courses to help improve your financial knowledge online or download the Zogo app where you can play, learn and earn rewards redeemable for gift cards at merchants like Amazon, Target and Starbucks.