Annual Reports

Want to know more about our strong leadership, solid financial status and efforts to assist the community? Dig into our Annual Reports and find out about the good things going on here.

It's way more than a long list of numbers

At Maui County FCU, our Annual Reports offer a deeper dive into how we do business. In addition to accessing your financial statements, you'll learn what topics were discussed at our Annual Meeting and see a message from our governing Board of Directors.

Let's go way back

Here is a deeper dive into how we have done in the past.


Issue Size
2017 9 MB
2016 1 MB
2015 1 MB
2014 14 MB
2013 1 MB
2012 1 MB
2011 1 MB
2010 1 MB
2009 1 MB
2008 1 MB
2007 1 MB
2006 1 MB