Fee Schedule

Share Draft Account Fees

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) $20 per item
Stop payment $20 per request
Share draft printing Price dependent on style
Copy of canceled check $1 per item
Overdraft transfer $3 per transfer

General Fees

Account reconciliation $15 per hour
Account research $15 per hour
Statement copy $1 per copy
Copy of interim statement $3 per copy
Account closure $25 if closed within 3 months of opening
Inactive account $5 per month, after 3 years
Deposit returned on depositor’s account $20 per item
Deposit returned on account other than depositor $5 per item
Wire transfer - outgoing domestic $20 per wire
Wire transfer - outgoing international $40 per wire
Invalid address $5 per month
Return mail $5 per item
Stale dated teller check $30
Teller’s check stop payment $30 per item
Teller’s check to third party $5 per item, after 1 per day
Special handling $15 per item
ATM transaction (withdrawal/transfer) $1 per transaction, after 8 per month
ATM balance inquiry $1 per inquiry
Debit replacement card $10 per card
IRA transfer $25
Check collection $15 per item
Courtesy pay $20 per item
Verification of deposit $5 per item
Quick change fee (members) 3% of deposit
Quick change fee (non-members) 10% of deposit
Garnishment / Levy / Other Legal Processes $50 per request
Abandoned property processing fee $30
Deposit of rolled coins $0.25 per roll after 10 rolls

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

ACH non-sufficient funds $20 per item
ACH stop payment $20 per request
ACH overdraft transfer $3 per transfer

Fees as of March 1, 2024.