Helping Members Save on Their Mortgage

My husband, Chris, and I wanted to refinance our mortgage. Interest rates were very low, so it seemed like a good time to make some inquiries. The first lender we contacted was the Maui County Federal Credit Union. We had been members since 1993 and had loans with them in the past. Our prior loan experience with them was excellent so it was a no brainer. We spoke with Mortgage Loan Officer Lynette Borden, who emailed us the loan application the same day.

Lynette called us a few days after we turned in the completed loan application to let us know it was approved. She also let us know that the processing time would be longer than usual due to the high number of loans they had to process. I guess we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the low interest rates. We were in no rush, so the longer processing time was not a problem. We decided to refinance our mortgage with Maui County FCU.

Lynette kept in contact with us through the entire process. She either called or emailed every few weeks during the three-month processing time. When it was time to review and sign the paperwork, she was able to meet with us according to our schedule. She even assisted us with setting up automatic loan payments.

So, if you need a loan, I highly recommend the Maui County FCU. They are a local company that has the best interests of its members in mind.

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Member Melissa Platiro