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Personalized Visa Debit Card

Personalized Visa Debit Card

As a Maui County FCU Debit Card Holder, you can add your favorite photo to your Debit Card. Your Family, your pet, your vacation, even your personal artwork - create a card that is truly all yours...It's really fun, and remarkably easy!
Design Tips and other Important Information:
  1. Picture must be at least 840 x 840 pixels and no more than 10 MB in size. 
    • If you right click on your picture and select properties you will be able to see pixels and size
    • 1MB = 1000 KB. So as long as your picture isn’t more than 10MB or 10,000KB, you're good!
  2. You will have the option to position your picture just the way you like it BUT it must cover the whole card.
    • Any portion of the card not covered will result in the card being printed with the “white” plastic of the card showing.
    • While on the Design tab you can resize and move your picture into position.
    • Clicking the next arrow will take you to the preview tab (or you can click the Preview tab). This is exactly how your card will look. If you like it, then you can Submit.
    • You cannot move the Maui County FCU logo.
  3. Your new card will be the same card number and PIN that you are currently using. It will however have a new expiration date.
    • You will have to activate the new card upon receipt.
    • Your current card will continue to work until it expires (You can also request to have the old card marked inactive once you receive the new one).
    • If you do deactivate your old card, don’t forget to update your card information on any merchant sites where you have saved your card information for payments (the expiration is now different).
  4. After finalizing your image you will be taken to another page where you will type your personal information. The following information must match the information currently in our database:
    • Name and Address
    • Last 4 digits of debit card you are customizing (for a replacement card only)

Image Rules & Restrictions:
Cardholder supplied images and/or text should not contain:

Cost of new or replacement custom card is $10. There is no charge for automatic card renewals as long as you keep the same image.