Wailuku Main Office

Mortgage Processor

This position requires a high level of organization skills to ensure the proper recording and dissemination of required information. Efficiency and accuracy as well as professionalism in communication are vital to the successful execution of this position.

This position requires excellent public relations skills and a thorough understanding of lending programs, policies, and procedures, as well as related legal requirements.  Tact, good organizational abilities, and a willingness to assist others is also critical to the successful execution of this position.  Incumbents should be able to handle the most complex lending functions within assigned limits.

Essential Functions and Basic Duties

  1. Assumes responsibility for providing effective clerical and loan monitoring support for all phases of loan processing activities and promotions.
  2. Assists in effectively receiving, reviewing, processing, and closing loans.
  3. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective and professional business relationships with members and external contacts.
  4. Serves as a Notary Public for the credit union.
  5. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective coordination and communication with area personnel and with management.
  6. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.

Performance Measurements

  1. Records, reports, files, and related documents are accurate, current, and up-to-date.
  2. Credit applications and related financial data are accurately and effectively analyzed and evaluated.
  3. Good business relations exist with members. Problems and questions are courteously and promptly resolved or referred.
  4. Good working relationships and coordination exist with area personnel and with management. Assistance and support are provided as needed.  Management is properly informed.
  5. Functions are completed in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  6. The Credit Union’s professional reputation is maintained and conveyed.


  • Education/Certification: High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Required Knowledge: Understanding of consumer and mortgage loan products and services. Knowledge of Credit Union loan services, policies, and procedures. Understanding of related legal and regulatory standards, and required loan documentation. Knowledge of loan processing functions and related requirements and procedures.
  • Experience Required: Two years of office experience required.  Credit union experience preferred.
  • Skills/Abilities: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Excellent interviewing and public relations skills. Strong analytical and financial skills. Ability to operate related computer applications and other business equipment including calculators, printer, telephone, and notary stamp. Well organized.