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Core System and Digital Banking Upgrades Coming in 2024

All branches will be closed and online / mobile banking will be unavailable from March 1 - 4, 2024.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our services and provide better experiences for you. One of the biggest ways to achieve this is by switching our core processor and digital banking solutions. Here are some of the key benefits that we're striving to achieve by enhancing our core and digital banking systems.

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Efficiency: Switching our core system offers a robust and reliable system that can handle transactions, member data, and other essential operations seamlessly. With advanced automation and integration capabilities, we can streamline processes, reduce manual work and increase operational efficiency. Enabling us to focus more on serving you and providing personalized financial solutions.

Improved Online Banking Experience: The upgraded online banking platform will be comprehensive with a user-friendly interface for accessing accounts, checking balances, transferring funds, and making payments. The platform will also offer enhanced digital tools for managing your finances.

Seamless Mobile Banking Experience: The mobile banking solution further enhances the Credit Union's digital offerings. By upgrading our mobile banking platform, you'll have a seamless and intuitive mobile banking experience that will mirror online banking. You will be able to conveniently manage your finances on the go, deposit checks using your smartphone, perform instant transfers, and receive real-time notifications on your account activity.

Enhanced Integration and Innovation: The integrations available will enable the Credit Union to leverage a comprehensive suite of financial tools and streamline processes, eliminating the need for multiple systems. This will result in a more cohesive and efficient experience for both credit union staff and members. Moreover, we will have access to innovative technologies and features that keep pace with your evolving needs and industry trends.

Upgrading our core system and digital banking solution will unlock a range of benefits, including increasing efficiency, improving your experience, and accessing innovative features. Ultimately, this will assist in providing you with the convenience and flexibility expected in today's digital age. To stay in to loop, please ensure we have your current email address.