We're Here for You

Maui County Federal Credit Union has always been there for me and family. Life provides many challenges beyond our control and the credit union has been there to help. In sickness, through the compassion of the Credit Union staff, they were able to assist myself in restructuring my finances to help ease the financial burden that it had caused. This enabled me and family to focus on the care required and provided relief by helping eliminate at least one of the stresses this situation has caused.

Challenges continued within my family in which the loss of a loved one made it quite difficult to do what is necessary while still in mourning. The staff at the credit union never forgot my family and when I called for their assistance, my needs were already known. They quickly and seamlessly provided the help that I needed. Once again, a burden relieved by the help of the credit union.

The credit union has been there in difficult times that we have encountered, but they have also been there to provide the opportunity for our son to purchase his first home. A dream that many have, in which the credit union turned into reality. They were patient in helping him understand the significance of his purchase and the responsibilities, making homeownership not as stressful as some would think. This was made possible due to the variety of loan products available to help all with different needs.

My Father was a longtime member of the credit union and always endorsed the Maui County Federal Union to his family and friends. An example of his loyalty was a loan note found dated January 3rd, 1964, in which he borrowed, $1,082.31, at an interest rate of ¾ of 1%. This is how long Maui County Federal Credit Union has been helping my family and the County of Maui. In addition, my college education was also funded through loans obtained by my parents from the credit union. I can truly say that the Maui County Federal Credit Union has contributed to the success I have enjoyed in life.

My family and I have always and will continue to promote the Maui County Federal Credit Union. They have and continue to embody the credit union spirit of people helping people, and for this my family is forever thankful.

- Ray Pascua