Maui Wildfire Emergency Relief

This page is dedicated to the latest information on how we're assisting our members and our community.

Our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the Maui wildfires and our entire Maui ˈohana. We remain committed to caring for our members’ needs and helping those experiencing financial hardship during this most difficult time.

Wildfire Relief Resources

Loan Deferrals

We are offering temporary two-to-three-month loan payment deferrals for those financially impacted by the effects of the wildfires. Knowing that this situation will be ongoing, after the initial deferral, at your request we can review your circumstances for a longer-term solution.

To be able to do the deferral, we request the following:

  • A short letter or email describing your request and situation.
    • I would like a deferral on my loan because of losses experienced with the recent Maui wildfires ….
    • Include your: Name, member number, and loan number
  • A valid email address so we can sign remotely.
  • For consumer loans including Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), personal, consolidation, and auto loans, please email your letter and documentation to [email protected]
  • For mortgage assistance, please email your letter and loan documentation to [email protected]

Once we receive your requests and any other documents requested, it will take a several days to process your request and we will then email you forms to be reviewed, signed, and emailed back through an encrypted/secure email.

Disaster Assistance Loans

Special interest rate disaster assistance loans are available by submitting a personal loan application and indicating that it's a disaster loan here.

If you have any questions, please call Wes Higuchi, Chief Lending Officer, at 808-244-8350.

Fees Temporarily Waived

  • Term Share Withdrawals: If you need to access funds currently held in a Share Certificate, we will waive the early withdrawal fee.
  • Debit Card Reorder: Please call 808-244-7968 or complete the fillable form here and submit to one of our branches.
  • Account Closure Fee 
  • Account Reconciliation 
  • Account Research  
  • Deposit Item Return 
  • Statement Copy
  • Return Mail
  • Stale Dated Teller Check 
  • Copy of Interim Statement 
  • Teller’s Check Stop Payment
  • Teller’s Check (to third party)
  • Special Handling Fee
  • IRA Transfer Fee
  • Verification of Deposit
  • Deposit of Rolled Coins
  • Photocopy Fee

Additional Resources