Helping Members Reach Their Goals

My husband Seth and I moved away from Maui when we were 18, in hopes of one day moving back when we could support ourselves as adults.

Seth joined the Army and I went to college, and after 15 years we were able to move back to Maui in 2016. After several years of being back on island we realized we really needed to establish an account with a local bank. A bank that could help us reach our financial goals and set us up for financial success in the future. That is when we found Maui County Federal Credit Union, where we met Wes Higuchi and Lynette Borden. They have not only helped us, but they have also been there for our entire family.

Whether it’s personal banking, financing a home, financing a piece of property to build a home, Maui County Federal Credit Union has assisted our family. It’s a place where you’re not just a number, you’re family and it truly shows.

Lynette and Wes assisted us in reaching our goal of purchasing a second property, something we thought would be just a dream for us, and now it’s a reality. Communication is key and they did an amazing job communicating with us from start to finish.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Maui County Federal Credit Union for all our financial needs.

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Member Mandy Rovelstad