Phone Banking

Bank by phone 24/7/365 to obtain account balances, transfer funds, review recent transactions and make loan payments with a few taps.

It's easy to fit us into your busy day. Or night.

If you don't have a smartphone, prefer to bank by phone or your landline, then banking by phone is the perfect way to bank whenever you want. Members who want to use the bank by phone service, need to complete the application form at any branch and will need a personal identification number. Some of the convenient services offered through phone banking are:

  • Get up-to-the minute current savings, checking, loan and certificate balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Review recent transactions
  • Find out what checks have cleared
  • Make timely loan payments
  • Change your phone banking PIN
  • Obtain loan and savings calculators

Instructions for use:

  • Be sure to have your member number, loan number (if applicable), and personal identification number (PIN) ready.
  • Call 800-285-2932.
  • Listen to the instructions, options and make your selections

Here are some helpful hints before you get started:

  • The toll free number 800-285-2932 is free to call.
  • Have your member number, loan number, PIN number and any other pertinent information ready before hand.
  • There is a 10 minute maximum per call session.
  • You can do an unlimited number of transactions during each session.
  • Do NOT use decimals when inputting dollar amounts.

Primary Savings 01
Special Savings 02
Loan Savings 10
Kids Club Savings 12
Teen Savings 17
Christmas Savings 25
Real Property Tax Savings 28
Checking 75
Overdraft Loan 75
Malama Checking 76
Cash Back Checking 77
Traditional IRA Savings 80
ROTH IRA Savings 81
Coverdell Education Savings 82

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Under "Most Recent Transactions" for savings and checking accounts, additional options include:

  1. Most recent transactions
  2. transactions on or before a specific date
  3. Most recent electronic transactions (EFT)
  4. Most recent withdrawals
  5. Most recent deposits

Under "Cleared Checks" additional options are:

  1. Most recent checks cleared
  2. Specific checks cleared
  3. Range of checks cleared
  4. Checks cleared on or before a specific date