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People Helping People: Kehau’s Story

September 18, 2020

I don’t want this to be a story of empathy, but of courage to step out as a woman and have the strength to believe in things you might have doubted you could achieve. In this case it was the financial side that I needed reassurance that I could make it. Maui County Federal Credit Union was there to help ease those uncertainties.

While going through a divorce I found myself hiring an attorney, catching up with credit card bills that carried a high interest, finishing home projects that were left behind, and purchasing a vehicle for my son to drive because I chose to return to shift work to increase my income as a single household. My son eventually chose a four-year college to attend and I took the responsibility to pay for his tuition for him to be a full-time student. Subsequently I kept my home, refinanced, and paid out what was owed.

For the past 23 years I have always had an account with Maui County Federal Credit Union (MCFCU). Whether it be checking, savings, auto loan, CDs joint or personal. It was important for me to have a connection with MCFCU. I recall two different incidents where I purchased a vehicle at the dealership, called MCFCU and was able to have them pay off the car dealership within the next several days. The comfort of knowing you have confidence in your bank is an amazing feeling!

Fast forward to the present, I asked a co-worker about his Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) with MCFCU and he said the process was super easy! My work schedule is unpredictable, and I didn’t want to commit to an appointment I couldn’t keep. One day I walked in through the doors of MCFCU to inquire about HELOC with no plan, no appointment, and a little doubt in the back of my mind. I was greeted and invited to sit down with Leila Elf (pictured on left of Kehau), who had the most welcoming personality! I don’t know if the bank knew to pair me with her, but immediately I felt the connection in her smile and comfort in her voice. Professionally, she was on point and understood what financially fit my needs. What was most important for me was building a rapport with Leila to trust that I could obtain a HELOC on my own along with my other responsibilities.

All in my experience with Maui County Federal Credit Union has been a success! I would recommend to acquaintances thinking of joining and refer them to apply for all types of loans available at MCFCU. Thank you for working within my budget, my income, my expenses, and most of all my unforeseen situation. I am very grateful and appreciative for your service.

Warm regards,
Kehau Medeiros